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Welcome to the Undersea Mechanical Company.  

Established in 1999, the Undersea Mechanical Company has been providing commercial diving services to boaters, waterfront property owners and contractors in Washington State
for over a decade.  Using traditional diving methods, cutting edge technology and the highest quality materials, we provide customers with reliable and cost effective solutions for all of your underwater needs. Working around your timeline, our highly trained and versatile diving crews provide both scheduled service 24 hours daily.

Services that we provide

- Recovery of lost items, anchors, mooring blocks and equipment. 

- Replacement of zinc/anodes on vessels, underwater equipment, pilings and structures. 

 Removal and installation, repair, cleaning and retail sales of all types of propellers.       

- Cleaning of vessel hulls and machinery, docks, structures and scientific instruments.   

- Detailed condition surveys of vessels, docks, moorings, desalinization plants, bulkheads, and 
other underwater  
  structures using both Diver and Remotely Operated Vehicle
(ROV) based non-destructive technology and high
  definition photography.

- Mooring and anchoring service.  Sales, service and installation of helical anchors, concrete block anchors
conventional anchoring  systems for all sizes of vessels and structures.  

- Design, sales, service, and installation of regulatory, marker and warning buoys.

- Construction, repair and demolition of residential and commercial marine structures.  

Retail sales of quality marine goods, such as rope, chain, mooring and marker buoys, fenders and more!  
   We also assist our customers in selling their unwanted marine equipment such as boat lifts, dock sections and other shore side        and marine equipment.  Check out our online inventory!

Please email or call to receive a quotation on services


Email: info@underseamechanical.com

Undersea Mechanical Company
P.0. Box 311
Kirkland, WA. 98083

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